5 Chicago Bears that fans should watch for Sunday

Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports /
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4. Can Braxton Jones finish off a resilient rookie season?

Braxton Jones has not missed a start this season. When you really break that down and think about how tough that is, there is a sign of respect that has to be given. Most rookies hit a wall. It is tough going from any conference to the NFL. Even in the SEC, the season ends around Thanksgiving, and only a few teams play into the Christmas season. Even those teams get weeks off in between.

Braxton Jones is playing at Southern Utah, where they do not play December football. He is also playing at a lower level, so the step up to the NFL was greater. Still, despite seeing a much greater difference in talent than some of his peers, and despite playing months later than usual, here is, ready to start number 17 out of 17.

Offensive line is tough to keep continuity and health is a big reason why. Braxton Jones has been up and down, but that rookie wall never officially came. If he can show progress next year, and maintain the ability to be out there every snap, he is worth keeping as a starter. Sure, he will never be the Trent Williams game-changing tackle, but if they have a long-term trusted 17-game starter for many years, that is all they need. Braxton Jones finishing the season with 100% of the offensive snaps is an awesome feat and should be celebrated on Sunday.