5 Chicago Bears that fans should watch for Sunday

Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports /
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3. Will Velus Jones show us much to finish the season

The Chicago Bears are seeking, searching, and hoping to find one thing, anything to get excited about Velus Jones over. After Jones may have hit rock bottom on offense with a fumble, he responded the following week by catching multiple passes beyond the line of scrimmage.

Yes, that sounds small, but before week 16, Jones had no catches beyond the line. He only had screens and sweeps that ended up being completed. So, this was a step. He took that step and had a step back against Detroit, only playing five snaps on offense.

He only had one target and it went incomplete. This is turning into another disaster. Jones is starting to show life as a return man, but the fact that we are celebrating a slant route in week 16 as signs of progress is a huge issue.

The team cannot get him on the field when Darnell Mooney is injured, so what will he be next season? How can they trust him at all? It is week 18, and there is nothing on the line, they need to get him a career-high in snaps, and in routes run. These routes need to be downfield, and they need to target him. If passes bounce off his hands and get picked off, so be it. They need to see something.