5 Chicago Bears that fans should watch for Sunday

Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports /
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2. Chicago Bears called up names such as DeMarquis Gates

The Chicago Bears made three moves on Wednesday in preparation for the game. The team added Terrell Lewis, DeMarquis Gates, and Jalyn Holmes to the active roster.

Both Lewis and Holmes are defensive linemen and they both should get chances in the rotation. Holmes is the better-run defender, and Lewis is the better pass rusher. Still, the name to keep an eye on is DeMarquis Gates.

Gates played in the USFL and was a standout player. He signed with the Chicago Bears and most expected he would be a training camp body. However, he was a standout in training camp.

During the preseason he played next to Jack Sanborn, and the two played like the bash brothers. If Sanborn was not doing it, Gates was cleaning things up. The Chicago Bears may have already found something in Sanborn, but if Gates was showing a similar upside, why not give him a shot?

The team is starting Joe Thomas right now. They could run out the line with Thomas for a start, or give Gates the chance that he deserves. If Gates plays well, he could be in-line to find a job as depth next season. These are the players who should be getting the chances in week 18. Why not start DeMaruis Gates?