5 Chicago Bears that fans should watch for Sunday

Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Can Armon Watts get revenge and a contract Sunday?

When the Chicago Bears played the Minnesota Vikings earlier in the season the team saw Armon Watts play a pretty good game. Now, the Vikings are down to their backup, and potentially third-string center against the Chicago Bears. The team is not going to make that a nightmare for the Vikings, but it will be an issue and has been an issue for the Vikings since Garrett Bradbury went down.

Armon Watts is in an interesting spot too. He shined at times, but he is on an awful defensive line. Was he the best of the bad? Or was he a good player who would be solid depth with better starters around him?

The team claimed Watts on waivers and got a full season out of him. He became a starter about halfway through the year. Now, he gets one last chance to prove that he should be a part of the rebuild. Watts will be a free agent this offseason. With how many needs the team has, it would be nice to bring him back, but they cannot waste too many resources on bringing back every little piece from a three-win season.

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This game could help Armon Watts show other teams, but also the Chicago Bears why they should sign him this offseason. The fact that it is a revenge game and he is pinned up against a backup only makes it better.