Crazy fun trade scenarios for the Chicago Bears first pick in the 2023 Draft

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Remember, these trades are supposed to be interesting and crazy fun. There are definitely trades available with the Houston Texans or the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have three players to consider in a trade package and I’ll identify them in a separate article. However, in the beginning, I mentioned how I was going to provide one draft scenario that includes trading Justin Fields instead of the first-overall pick. What would that trade look like and which teams would want him?

Former NFL general manager, Mike Tannenbaum believes the Bears should trade Fields to a team for a first-round pick and a third-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Then, he believes they should draft Bryce Young. He thinks Young is going to be better than Fields and it resets the rookie contract. I’ll be honest, Tannenbaum is an idiot. However, in the fun of doing this, trading Fields has to be considered. Here’s one to think about.

In this scenario, the Chicago Bears would now draft Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud first overall. They get an elite defensive tackle in Jonathan Allen. Allen has three years left on his contract, scheduled to make over $20 million in each of those three seasons but would instantly make the defensive line better. Ryan Poles would also have the sixth-overall pick in the draft to add either an offensive lineman or a wide receiver. Look, I’m not for it, but that trio is something to at least consider.

What are some fun, crazy trade ideas you’d like to see thrown out there for the Bears regarding the 2023 NFL Draft?