Grading Ryan Poles 10 biggest free agent moves as Chicago Bears GM

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8. Chicago Bears backup quarterbacks

The Chicago Bears signed Trevor Siemian to a two-year deal worth about $4.4M. Nathan Peterman signed a one-year deal worth about $1M. The team will be able to save about $2.4M if they release Siemian and that is likely to happen. It probably should happen, as well.

Neither of these signings were smart. Luke Getsy started his playing career at Pitt, and his quarterbacks’ coach Andrew Janocko is from Pitt as well. Nathan Peterman is from Pitt, so there is obviously familiarity here.

Still, they signed a quarterbacks coach to be their third-string quarterback and when they realized they needed an actual quarterback, they had to scramble to sign Tim Boyle.

Beyond that, both Peterman and Trevor Siemian have an issue that should have them somewhere else next year. Neither has a playing style similar to Justin Fields.

When the Chicago Bears had to jump from Justin Fields to Trevor Siemian and back to Justin Fields again, they essentially asked everyone else to run a different offense for three consecutive weeks. That is not fair to anyone and can hurt the overall unit.

The Chicago Bears need to find a backup quarterback who can run a similar offense, so the team can keep things similar if Justin Fields gets banged up again. With that in mind, the Siemian and Peterman signings were awful. It is less about the money and more about the idea.

Backup Quarterback Deals: F