Grading Ryan Poles 10 biggest free agent moves as Chicago Bears GM

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2. Byron Pringle

Byron Pringle signed a one-year $4.125M deal with the Chicago Bears. This one can be looked at in a similar light to Muhammad, which has to be disappointing. Pringle did miss more time than Muhammad with injury. The timing of his injury also had him missing valuable reps in training camp, which put him behind the eight ball.

Still, when healthy Pringle was largely a disappointment this season. While he was behind Dante Pettis and Equanimeous St. Brown due to the lack of training camp work, the fact that he could not catch up to them at any point this season is a major issue.

It is not like Pettis was lighting it up, and ESB essentially was only providing value in the blocking game. Pringle was signed because he was supposed to be a blocking wideout, but we rarely saw that.

Pettis and St. Brown combined made less than Pringle, and both of them outplayed Pringle. Pringle was signed because of familiarity with Ryan Poles back with the Chiefs. Muhammad with Eberflus was a failure, and so was Pringle. The only thing that can excuse this signing was the injuries holding him back. Either way, he will not be on the Chicago Bears in 2023.

Byron Pringle signing Grade: F