Grading every rookie from the Chicago Bears 2022 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears - Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports /
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The 2022 NFL draft was a pivotal point in the Chicago Bears’ offseason. After failing to make any major signings in free agency, the pressure was mounting on newly crowned general manager Ryan Poles to strike gold in the draft.

The Bears were far from the most draft-rich team. Trading up for Justin Fields a year prior cost them their first-round pick. As a result, Chicago did not go on the clock until the 39th selection.

Despite the team’s seemingly limited draft capital, Poles was able to accumulate more picks by repeatedly trading back. This led to Chicago drafting a total of 11 players.

The Bears 2022 draft seemed more like a quantity over quality approach, as the team drafted 11 players, six of which were selected in the final two rounds. Still, fans were eager to see what the new era of Chicago Bears football would look like.

Grading the 2022 draft class’ rookie season with the Chicago Bears

The grades for these players are not only determined by performance but also by draft position. For example, the Braxton Jones pick will be greater higher as a fifth-round pick than if he was taken in the second round since expectations would have been higher for a top-50 draft pick

This is the first chance we have to gauge Poles’ ability to measure talent, and although the true success of many of these picks won’t be known for sure for a couple more years, it is still interesting to analyze.