5 best decisions Ryan Poles made in year one as Chicago Bears GM

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2. Chicago Bears got something for Robert Quinn

Chicago Bears fans could not understand how the team could not get a similar return from Robert Quinn as they did Khalil Mack. Quinn had more sacks than Mack last year, after all. However, if you took a step back and saw their broad career marks, it would make sense.

Quinn was older, and he is known for coming and going when it comes to sack production. He will usually follow up a good year with a bad one, and so forth. Beyond that, he has a long, long history of being dreadful against the run.

All of this showed up during his first half of the season in Chicago. The run defense was bad, his production was fleeting and it looked like we saw why nobody was offering anything real for Quinn.

So, Ryan Poles got a fourth-round pick for Quinn. This is another one that had fans made on instant reaction, but months later it is a great decision. Quinn has played six games with Philadelphia and does not have a sack. He missed time with an injury already and barely plays when he is active.

The cost was not bad for Philly, but it sure helps Ryan Poles. This is another situation where Poles now does not have to worry about his salary moving forward, and he gets a cheap salary for four years with the draft pick. Fans wanted a lot for Quinn, but it was never going to happen. Getting what he got was great because Quinn has been awful.