Grading Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles decision to trade for Chase Claypool

The Chicago Bears made a bold trade sending a second-round pick for Chase Claypool near the trade deadline. When the move was made it had the propensity to backfire and did it ever. The question is almost less about the grade and more about how could it get out of being an F.

You can cut Claypool some slack in saying that it is tough to join a team midway through the season, but of any wide receiver traded for a top-100 pick during the season, he had the worst finish to the year.

Grading Chicago Bears trade for Chase Claypool

Claypool had an injury, he had a blow-up on the sidelines, and the coaching staff noted that he was having trouble getting up to speed on the playbook. So, his routes were limited.

Even if the Chicago Bears traded a pick closer to 50 for Chase Claypool, it would not be looking good but losing pick 32 really hurts.

One last way this stings is now taking away from the team’s chances to make trades this offseason. Ideas that involve Tee Higgins, Davante Adams, or any big-name wide receiver would be a lot easier to discuss if the Chicago Bears had that high second-round pick in their pocket.

Beyond that, they now have to debate an extension for Claypool, and what he would be worth if he did have a good season because he will be a free agent after 2023. Lastly, with Claypool, Mooney, Velus Jones, and Equanimeous St. Brown it just gives less of an idea that the team has real wiggle room to upgrade.

The Chicago Bears likely have just one big move to make at wideout, and the cloud of the lost pick and potential cap space that Claypool holds now hurts their ability to maximize that move.

When the team made the trade they did not think that it would go this poorly. They also were not anticipating the first overall pick. Still, it was a risk when they made the trade, and after the way things broke, it got even worse.

It is okay for Ryan Poles because the Robert Quinn and Khalil Mack trade aged very well. Still, there is hardly anything positive to say about this decision.

Chase Claypool Grade: F