5 Chicago Bears free agents most likely to re-sign

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Chicago Bears, Armon Watts
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Armon Watts could be better off as depth for Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears claimed Armon Watts off of waivers when the Minnesota Vikings released him back in August. Considering the timing of his signing and the fact that he was a fringe roster player, there were not high expectations.

Still, Armon Watts exceeded them. He was in the starting lineup by the end of the first quarter of the season. Watts had his ups and downs, and no one is saying he is a savior, but he held things down and showed he belongs as a sold scheme fit.

The reality is that Watts should be a near-end-of-the-roster player, but he definitely has a role. So, if the Chicago Bears can add some serious beef up front, they could re-sign Watts and he would be the third or fourth defensive lineman in the rotation.

This would be much better for him than the first or second guy, which he was too often this season. On a limited basis, and in relief for a more athletic talent could be what has Watts playing his best football.

It was a nice find for Ryan Poles, and at the right price, he should be able to re-sign him and turn that into a longer-term win.