Final Grade for Ryan Poles first year as Chicago Bears GM

Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Trades and Ryan Poles Final Grade

The last moves that Ryan Poles made were his trade decisions. We have many of them, too. First, there is Khalil Mack. We wrote about him and gave the move an A. Robert Quinn was right behind at a B+. The Roqaun Smith trade was a C+ and probably is the most incomplete.

Then, there is N’Keal Harry who we graded as a C. Lastly, there is the Chase Claypool trade, which is an easy F.

You can pretty much get the range of grades, not from these trades, but also from every decision he made. There were some As, some Bs, some Cs, and Ds, and yes, there were F decisions that he made so far.

Still, the reality is that with the ups and downs and good and bad he wound up about in the middle. When you consider expectations and what he had to deal with, it is hard to grade him any other way.

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Most fans probably feel similarly that this is the year to grade, and last year was too tough to give a strong grade on. That is why the final grade of a C+ makes a lot of sense.