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With the Senior Bowl in the book, we will do one last recap by seeing which players are the best fits with the Chicago Bears, and when they could get selected. So, this will be a mock draft but will be focused on Senior Bowl players only. Who are the best fits from the past week’s event?

Before you comment with the “he won’t be here” talk, I used the PFF mock draft simulator to find these fits, so take you arguments up with them.

Okay, we are breaking the rules here. But, it is not every year we see the Chicago Bears picking number one when we usually do this. At number one, the options are Will Anderson or Jalen Carter and then trade down if not. Neither were at the Senior Bowl and rather than making this mock messy with fake trades, we will say Will Anderson.

However, these are the five prospects who will not be in contention for number one but also will not be there when the Chicago Bears pick 56th overall.

If the Bears do not trade down, it is hard to see any of these players winding up in Chicago.

Chicago Bears Trade Back Options

O’Cyrus Torrence is a big right guard with massive hands. He transferred from Louisiana to Florida and fared well against the SEC. The closest that the Bears may get to Torrence is seeing his tape against Jalen Carter, where many say he handled himself better than any other lineman.

Will McDonald from Iowa State was the big winner on the defensive side of the ball. He is a bit undersized and relies on speed, so it was easy to see why he won during the one-on-one drills. Once his speed was in space, it was easy. Will he handle power, and defend the run the same? Still, he should test well at the combine and secure his top-50 pick status.

Luke Musgrave is getting talk for the first round, and as the top tight end at the position, let alone at the Senior Bowl. He only played three games as a Senior but answered a lot of questions in regard to his health this past week. He has legit size, and when his speed gets going over the middle, he is a seam-splitting threat.

John Michael Schmitz could get drafted as the first center this year. He handled himself well, and many said that he was flat-out the best player in this event.

Keion White did not dominate the event, but mock drafts have him going as high as ten. The Chicago Bears will not reach for him, but if they trade back, he could get a lot more consideration.