Senior Bowl players only Chicago Bears Mock Draft

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The Chicago Bears need to go with a wide receiver, and Jayden Reed may have been the best one this past week at the Senior Bowl. He was likely expected to be a top-100 player after his junior season, but things fell apart for the Spartans this year.

Reed struggled, the offense struggled, and his stock plummeted. The past week was a great chance for him to get his stock back to where it was after his junior season. Obviously, he did not end all concerns, but he did realign things and answer some questions.

We profiled Reed already and he is a fit for the Chicago Bears. Is this the type of fit the team needs?

Jarrett Patterson had an up-and-down week, but one thing that he flashed was his versatility. He played center, left guard, and right guard. The Bears need help throughout the interior. They have big questions at left guard and center. Even at right guard Teven Jenkins has some injury questions lingering.

Adding some help as a depth lineman who played in big games, and can hold down multiple positions would be a nice addition. Keep an eye on Jarrett Patterson.

The Chicago Bears have Cole Kmet, but they have nobody behind him in terms of depth. They will probably sign somebody, but for now, there is a need, and they have to fill it somehow. Josh Whylie is a nice player to look into.

He is competitive enough as a blocker that he can complement Cole Kmet. At the same time, he certainly provides upside as a tight end.

If the Chicago Bears can sign Trevon Wesco, and add Whylie as a number three who can block and be a red-zone threat, it would be a nice addition. Whylie had a great week in Mobile and showed the ability to catch passes in the red zone, and also down the seams.