3 Reasons why Keenan Allen makes sense for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Keenan Allen
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Keenan Allen would fit in nicely with the Chicago Bears current receivers

If we look at the current wide receiver group, the Chicago Bears have a true X receiver in Chase Claypool. Claypool has performed the best when playing on the outside and lining up wide. Darnell Mooney is a complimentary Z receiver who can line up literally anywhere. What they need to help this team though is a slot guy. Keenan Allen can be that guy.

Over his career, Allen started on the outside but moved to more of a slot receiver in year five. Since then, he’s lined up in the slot a minimum of 49.2%. Over the last few years, he’s lined up in the slot over 60% of the time.

It’s almost a guarantee that he will miss time, but if the team is able to get 12 games out of him in 2023 and another 12 in 2024, it would make for a good investment. I don’t foresee him getting more than a three-year deal with an out in the second year of the contract. This allows the team to lock Allen in for 2024, while making a decision on Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool — both going into contract years this year. It’s possible they keep one, both or none of them beyond this upcoming season while knowing Allen will be here for at least one year beyond.

Essentially, Keenan Allen makes for a solid compliment to the current WR corps.