3 Reasons why Keenan Allen makes sense for the Chicago Bears

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If cut, the cost for Keenan Allen is perfect for the Chicago Bears

Now, for the most important part. If Keenan Allen is waived and clears waivers as he should, then the cost to add him to the 2023 roster is what’s most appealing. Trading for a player like Tee Higgins, D.J. Moore, DeAndre Hopkins or even Davate Adams comes with a heavy cost — draft capital. Ryan Poles has said he wants to build through the draft and giving up draft capital after already trading for Chase Claypool comes at too high of a cost.

If Keenan Allen is cut, he only costs the team money — something the organization has plenty of at its disposal. With his injury history and age, he shouldn’t cost too much. I’d guess he sees around $16 million per year — he’s scheduled to make $21.7 million this year and $25 million next year. That’s not going to happen if cut. I’d be willing to give him $18 million per year though if it locks him into Chicago though.

Now, for the best part. Adding a player like Keenan Allen allows Justin Fields to grow and develop, doesn’t cost the team any draft capital and if they trade down and acquire any future 2024 first-round picks, then they can use the extra draft capital to draft Marvin Harrison, Jr. Marvin Harrison, Jr. is easily the best WR prospect coming out since Ja’Marr Chase. If the Chicago Bears can add him next season, still have Keenan Allen, and keep one of Chase Claypool or Darnell Mooney, the WR group is set up to be elite for multiple years. Sign me up for that!