3 reasons Chicago Bears could be wary of Jalen Carter at one overall

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Jalen Carter can end up on the ground a bit

This one is more about the tape than the numbers. For most of the case against Carter, it is hard to turn on the tape and find much. When his engine is running and he is at his best, there are few you have ever seen as dominant.

He gets in the backfield with speed and violent hands. If there is one knock against Carter, it Is that he ends up on the ground a bit. It is sometimes surprising because he is light on his feet, and when he moves it looks fluid.

Still, at times when he is working down the line to defend the run he can get in front of himself and take himself out. Beyond that, he is much more of a forward-flowing rusher than a player who will plant his feet in the ground and claim his stance.

When asked to hold up with strength in the run game, he is not as effective as shooting gaps and penetrating the backfield. This can also end up with him on the ground.

As noted, if he is getting tackles for loss, and everyone in a while he needs his nose tackle to help him on the goal line, you can live. Jalen Carter is a beast and will be an excellent pro football player.

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However, while his tape is close to the complete package, he does end up on the ground more than expected. He also has a lot less production than Will Anderson and a surprisingly low snap count as well. These are enough things to question when looking at pick number one.