Four teams most likely to trade with the Chicago Bears for the No. 1 pick

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The Indianapolis Colts are one team that could trade with the Chicago Bears

Why they want the No. 1 pick

It’s hardly a secret the Colts have struggled to find a quarterback since Andrew Luck’s retirement. Jacoby Brissett, Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and most recently, Matt Ryan have all attempted to provide stability for Indianapolis to no avail.

After trying their hand with a trove of bridge quarterbacks, the Colts are looking for a long-term solution, and what better way is there to find a franchise quarterback than the same draft selection Indianapolis used to draft Peyton Manning and Luck?

This pick would usher in a new era of Colts football and supply the franchise with a desperately needed young quarterback.

What it would take

The appeal of trading with a team like the Colts is that the Bears wouldn’t have to move far down. Indianapolis has the fourth overall, which would certainly be part of the trade package. In addition to this pick, the Colts would throw in their second-round pick (No. 35 overall) and their 2024 first.

This may seem like a lot to give up to move up a mere three spots, but trading up in the first round has never been cheap, especially when it’s for the first pick. It shouldn’t be forgotten the 49ers traded away three first-round and one third-round pick to move up nine spots in the 2021 draft.

Mock Trade Proposal