3 reasons for Chicago Bears to be wary of Will Anderson at one overall

Chicago Bears-Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears-Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Does he fit the Chicago Bears as well as Jalen Carter?

The Chicago Bears should not take a need over the best player available when you are talking about number one overall. Still, if things are equal, and the Chicago Bears have to lean one way, they could go for which one fits their scheme the best.

Most would agree the best fit is Jalen Carter. Will Anderson has a skill set that provides a projection in the NFL, and his skill set is likely best as a stand-up rusher who can move around off of the football.

If you know about Matt Eberflus, Alan Williams, and Travis Smith, you know that they preach the four-man rush. Sure, they stunt and twist, and with Anderson, you find ways to utilize his skill set. Still, the Chicago Bears believe more in rushing four down linemen without as much blitzing, or dropping their edges anywhere. They also rely heavily on their edges to defend the run. The fact that every edge rusher was so bad in run defense this past season exposed them with outside run after outside run.

Their perfect edge rusher is closer to 260 pounds, is a stout run defender, and plows ahead as a pass rusher. Will Anderson can do a lot of things in the defense, but Jalen Carter is the better fit.

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The Chicago Bears tried to sign Larry Ogunjobu because they were dying for the 3-tech in their defense. They pivoted quickly to Justin Jones because it was a burning need. The Colts traded for DeForest Buckner when Eberflus was there. It is obvious they value the run defense, but also to get pressure up front with four, including a big push from the middle. That screams Jalen Carter more than Will Anderson. If the two are close, how do they pass on Carter?