LAST CHANCE Bears Fans! Bet $5, Win $200 on ONE TD in Super Bowl


If you’ve waited this long to cash in on the crazy Super Bowl promos that sportsbooks are throwing around, you’re really starting to play with fire. It’s almost too late, and you need to act now.

The easiest offer still on the table is coming from DraftKings Sportsbook, where you’ll get $200 on any $5 wager as long as either team has scored a touchdown. That’s happened in 56 of 56 previous Super Bowls, so you’re pretty much a lock to get that payout.

Here’s the fastest way to claim your $200.

DraftKings Super Bowl Promo

  1. Sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook at this link
  2. Deposit at least $5
  3. Place a $5 wager on the Super Bowl

I told you it was fast. As soon as you finish step number three you’re locked in, just in time for kickoff.

Once you’re locked in for the offer, that $5 wager plays like usual. But the $200 is coming to you whether you win or lose the bet — the only thing that matters is anyone scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl, and then you’ll find $200 in bet credits hitting your account once your first bet settles.

Sign up for DraftKings now to cash in.

Now that you’ve guaranteed yourself the easiest offer in the industry, take a look at these other opportunities to cash in on the Super Bowl while you still have time before kickoff.