6 best free agent running back options for Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears will either be re-signing David Montgomery or will be adding a new running back in free agency or the draft. While so many fans want the team to go big or go home, the reality is that they need a complement to Khalil Herbert more than they need a do-everything type of runner.

Some of the biggest traits that David Montgomery brought to highlight Herbert were the ability to move the chains in short-yardage situations, be a reliable pass catcher, and pass blocker. The question is less about how much can the team spend to replace him, and more about how can they get that skill set at a cheaper rate than Montgomery, who may get paid like a do-everything back.

6. If Chicago Bears spend on a running back, it should be Jamaal Williams

If the Chicago Bears spend on a running back, it should not even be David Montgomery, it should be Jamaal Williams. Okay, that is a little hyperbolic because Jamaal Williams will probably not get a deal as big as Montgomery. Montgomery can do a little bit more than Williams, but Williams can do is everything Chicago needs.

Khalil Hebert is a big play waiting to happen. They do not want to get him injured pounding him between the tackles and is much better on stretch zone rushes anyways. So, Jamaal Williams can come in as the power back who grinds between the tackles. No one was better near the goal line, and converting those third and shorts.

Beyond that, he is a great pass protector, which is where Herbert struggles. Jamaal Williams signed for $3M per year last year, and his projected salary is around $4M this year. The Chicago Bears could throw him a few extra, lock him in for $6M, and that is still less than almost any projection for Montgomery by a decent bit. For the role, and the money this is how the Chicago Bears need to invest in running back.