6 best free agent running back options for Chicago Bears

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2. Mark Ingram is an old, but good option in free agency

It was only for 10 games last season, but Mark Ingram was flashing a bit of revitalization. Still, like any other back on this list, the main reason he is here is that he will be cheaper than David Montgomery. In the case of Mark Ingram, he will be the cheapest back on the list.

Still, he is the most experienced. One thing that would help is to bring in some guys from a winning culture. From the Saints to the Ravens, Ingram has been in big games, and some of the young guys could value seeing him go to work at age 34.

Beyond that, as we mentioned, Ingram does everything that the role requires. He was one of the best pass protection backs in the NFL last season. It was maddening to fantasy owners to see him on passing downs over Alvin Kamara, but it is because Ingram knows his assignment. Then, we also remember that he is a goal-line threat and a chain mover in the short-yardage downs.

This is the perfect player to complement Khalil Herbert. In this case, they would specifically limit Ingram to those downs, to keep him healthy. Herbert would be in for a big role, and they would trust him more than a 50/50 split. This is the most cost effective situaton, so it has to be monitored.