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2. Will Chicago Bears release Cody Whitehair?

The Chicago Bears have a chance to save at minimum $5.8M if they release Whitehair. However, they could also make him a post-June 1st release, and it would free up $9.9M. The team probably does not need the extra $4.1M until before training camp, when they have to sign their draft class.

So, it makes a lot of sense for the team to make him a post-June 1st release, and save the $9.9M. There is a lot the team could do with the extra $10M, and knowing that this will clear up by June.

Cody Whitehair was a solid player and cutting multiple offensive linemen is not the best way to keep depth.  Still, the reality is that they have to move on from Whitehair.

Injuries, age, and declining play are all factors here. Whitehair was a staple of health, but he missed some time in 2020. You could see the effects in 2021, and in 2022 he suffered some injuries again. He has not been back to his solid play since 2020.

With multiple injuries since then it is hard to see him getting back to that level of play. The only way Whitehair stays with the Chicago Bears is if he decides to take a pay cut and restructure his contract. The team would like depth and an experienced veteran sounds nice. However, the price tag is not going to be worth it.

The Chicago Bears will be cutting Cody Whitehair or doing something with his contract. The question is when will this happen?