3 Chicago Bears likely to be released next

Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports) /
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1. Justin Jones is on the Chicago Bears’ chopping block

Of the three, Justin Jones is the least likely to get released. Still, it is an interesting discussion to be had. The team can save $4.9M by letting him go. If they do not, he will take up $7.4M.

This is not bad, and Justin Jones was the Bears’ best linemen last season. Still, the reality is that the Chicago Bears are going to build up their entire defensive line. Jalen Carter and Daron Payne are the big names, but a 3-technique is expected to be added.

This is the position they signed Justin Jones to play. So, the question becomes, do you push Justin Jones to nose tackle, a position he is not comfortable with, or do you make him a backup, in which case, the salary starts to look a little hefty?

Considering how bad the Bears’ run defense was, they not only need to upgrade the 3-technique but also the nose tackle role. So, this essentially will lock Justin Jones into being a high-paid backup.

This could be fine, and the team probably has the cap space to let this happen. If they can afford, it why not? Still, on a value-per-dollar basis, the team could also release Jones, use his salary to sign a backup 3-technique, and still have some space left over, perhaps to put a deal with a big free agent over the top.

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When it comes to Justin Jones, the question is how much do the Chicago Bears value his depth, compared to how much do the Bears want to go big game hunting in free agency? We will find out soon enough.