8 Wide recievers the Chicago Bears could target in trade negotiations

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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It is common for fans to never know the full details of what goes on behind closed doors in the NFL. Beat reporters will leak some information when they are given it, but even then, not all the details are always made available. The Chicago Bears are in need of wide receiver help. Ryan Poles is going to be on the phone often throughout the offseason and it will not all have to do with potential trades for the first-overall pick.

It’s likely that he will also be making calls to inquire about certain players who may be available via trade. Wide receiver is definitely one of those possibilities. The free agent market might get better after certain cap casualties, but it’s not great. Should Ryan Poles find the need, he could look to trade for a player if he feels that player is worth the capital the Bears would need to give up.

There are eight wide receivers the Chicago Bears could consider in a trade

When we look at the Chicago Bears situation heading into 2023, the team has the most salary cap space by a wide margin. The team also has the first-overall pick in the draft. This gives them some options to work with and honestly, after a trade or two involving the first-overall pick, Poles could even have more at his disposal. We shouldn’t just think about what Poles could give up now for a wide receiver. Instead, we need to look at the full picture and include any draft capital he may acquire during the 2023 NFL Draft too.

Keenan Allen is another name that I didn’t include, but only because I would prefer they wait to see if he is a cap casualty. I wouldn’t want to see the Bears trade for him, but I’m definitely fine with Ryan Poles signing him in free agency.