8 Wide recievers the Chicago Bears could target in trade negotiations

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Are the Panthers willing to move on from D.J. Moore now?

The Carolina Panthers had a bit of a fire sale last year when they sent Christian McCaffrey to the San Francisco 49ers. Many were hopeful that they’d be willing to move on from either Brian Burns or D.J. Moore in the process too. Neither of them was truly on the trade block, but would the Panthers be willing to include D.J. Moore in a trade that included the first-overall pick?

Moore would benefit from the likes of Justin Fields. He is incredible at catching deep balls and we all know how Fields likes to throw dimes deep. Like Jeudy, D.J. Moore is a former first-round pick. Unlike Moore, he’s not in the final year of his contract. In fact, his contract is why he is likely to not be traded. The Panthers signed Moore to a three-year, $62 million dollar extension last season. He is now signed through 2025 but his dead cap if traded this season is $35.7 million. I don’t see that happening.

We can throw D.K. Metcalf in this category too and I’m not including him at all because I don’t think the Seahawks are looking to move up for a quarterback in the same way the Panthers might be. Moore has reached the 1,000-yard mark in three of his five seasons. He only hit 888 yards this year but came away with seven touchdowns — a career-high. My biggest concern for Moore isn’t his separation, which is a little less than league average, but more his inefficiency. He has too many drops each year and his completion percentage hasn’t been over 60% since 2019.