3 stats to know about Chicago Bears potential pick Jalen Carter

Chicago Bears - Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears are going to be interested in drafting one of Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. Even if they trade down to four, both names will be in the conversation. So, until they do trade down, we will be debating the two. What are some important things to know about Jalen Carter?

3. Jalen Carter has never played 400 snaps in one season

Over the past two seasons, Jalen Carter has played just 396 snaps and 392 snaps. For his career, he has just 1,075. Most teams do not put in a full NFL season of snaps when you consider they usually play about four or five fewer games. Still, Will Anderson has 2,204 snaps an Georgia actually had more games played over that time. Last season there were 200 interior defensive linemen who played over 400 snaps in FBS play.

Justin Jones played over 487 snaps in every season but his rookie year. Last season, he played 744 snaps. If the Chicago Bears did draft, Jalen Carter, the expectation would be 700 to 800 snaps.

It makes sense for Georgia to sub their players out so much. They have the talent, and when Carter is fresh, you see how great he is. However, that has to be a question entering the NFL. Is he that good because he is on a limited snap count, or will add more snaps only mean more production?

We saw the Philadelphia Eagles had to deal with an injury for Jordan Davis, and they signed Linvall Joseph to limit his snaps as a rookie. Everyone saw Carter as the better prospect, but the increase in snaps should be discussed more.