What Chicago Bears could expect in trade down with Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts-Mandatory Credit: The Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis Colts-Mandatory Credit: The Indianapolis Star /

The Chicago Bears will be shopping the number one overall pick. We looked into what they could get back from the Houston Texans if they just move down to number two overall. While the Arizona Cardinals could have interest, with Kyler Murray in place, they are in a good spot to take a defender.

So, the next most logical team is the Indianapolis Colts. If they want to jump their rival, the Texans, and get the top player on the board, what would it cost?

What could the Chicago Bears receive in a trade from the Indianapolis Colts?

While the Houston Texans may be the easiest trade, it is not the biggest haul. Going just from one to four is a much bigger increase in terms of return than just jumping from one to two. There is the obvious two spots, but now that you know they are making this move to jump the Houston Texans, and you can get a last offer from the Texans before accepting, the value starts to increase.

There have been three instances in recent history that have shown a similar drop from one to four. First, the San Diego Chargers moved from one to five in 2001. The move cost the Atlanta Falcons a second-round pick and a third-round pick to swap spots.

More recently Washington moved up from six to two. It is one spot lower in terms of pick slot, but one spot higher in terms of a jump. This trade featured two first-round picks and a second-round pick.

The trade for Robert Griffin was historic, and there may not be a player with the hype of Griffin this year. Still, something more than a second and a third, and something less than two ones, and a two should be in the mix.

More recently, the New York Jets moved from six to three. This would be the same type of jump, although it is slightly different to move up to three compared to one. Still, the New York Jets did move up for a quarterback, and they jumped the Denver Broncos, and Cleveland Browns, both teams that needed a quarterback.

So, this is fair to compare. This one cost the New York Jets three second-round picks. At the time, the team knew they were trading the 37th overall pick as one of them, and another turned into pick 34. The Colts do pick 35th, but then not again until 79th. Still, if you what the Jets sent to Indianapolis, you could see a team trading a future first-round pick. The Colts could say that it took three seconds to get them to trade off of pick three, so they understand a future one is fair for pick one.

That is not quite the Griffin trade, but would be more than the Vick trade. With Jim Irsay at the helm, you never know, and you may get the Griffin trade, but a first-round pick, and perhaps a swap of a fourth into a third would get the job done.

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For the Chicago Bears, move back to four and still have a shot at Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. They pick up a first-round pick, or perhaps something similar to that value, and potentially move up a few spots in the mid-rounds as well.