7 best free agent tackle options for Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /
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4. Can Chicago Bears get a deal with Mike McGlinchey

If the Chicago Bears like the pedigree of a former first-round pick they will love Mike McGlinchey. McGlinchey went just two picks after the team drafted Roquan Smith. So, maybe the Bears trade Smith, then turn around and pay McGlinchey the deal that he would have gotten.

This could be a great deal for the Chicago Bears when you consider that McGlinchey will probably sign for less than the Baltimore Ravens just gave to Roquan Smith. So, the Bears could still sign a top 10 pick from that draft, it could be cheaper than Roquan Smith, and it could be right tackle, a much bigger position of need than linebacker.

The questions with McGlinchey come in pass protection, but the reality is that he usually is only exposed in big games against stars like Micah Parsons. This will happen when you are playing in big games, but at least McGlinchey is good enough to keep the 49ers going to those big games. The Chicago Bears would love if their problem was their right tackle can only help them get to the NFC championship.

Beyond that, McGlinchey is a plus in the run game. He executes the zone-blocking system the 49ers love, and his movement skills would be a great fit with Justin Fields at quarterback.

49ers fans seem annoyed with McGlinchey because he did not live up to his top-10 reputation, but at the right price, this is a talented offensive lineman and a big upgrade for the Bears.