10 free agents the Chicago Bears will target in NFL Free Agency

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The Chicago Bears do not have enough draft picks to fill the holes on their roster without the help of free agency. More than that, the team has some of the most salary cap space in the NFL. It is fair to think that the team will be active, and this upcoming offseason will look much more like the previous one than the first offseason under Ryan Poles. 

The Bears have direct needs at center, edge rusher, free safety, and tight end. Which free agents are the best fits when you factor in the scheme, salary, culture fit, and team connection?

10. The Chicago Bears should be interested in signing Curtis Samuel in free agency 

If the Chicago Bears are going to spend on a mid-tier free-agent wide receiver this offseason, their best bet would be Curtis Samuel. PFF has him projected to sign a two-year, $17M deal in free agency this offseason, and if that is the price, it is easily something that the team can, and should manage to make happen. 

First, he fits what the team needs. In losing Darnell Mooney they are losing speed and a slot performer; Samuel does both. The difference is that Samuel has an average depth of rtarget around six in the past two years, while Mooney is over ten throughout his career. Samuel does a lot more of his work after the catch, and he also helps in the screen game, along with drag routes and quick hitters. This could be smart for a rookie quarterback to adjust to. 

Samuel used to play with D.J. Moore when they were drafted together in Carolina. The two had a strong relationship, so if the scheme fit and money did not do the trick, perhaps playing with Moore again would make this signing too easy.

If the Bears drafted a receiver in the top ten, had D.J. Moore, and then added Curtis Samuel as the third receiver as a speedy gadget player from the slot, there would not be a better place for him to land in free agency. 

Will the Chicago Bears go after Curtis Samuel in free agency?

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