10 free agents the Chicago Bears will target in NFL Free Agency

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1. Denico Autry fits the Chicago Bears 

If the Chicago Bears want a solid addition to their defensive line and another player who is a major dot-connecting fit, they have to look at Denico Autry. Autry is 33 years old, so he will not be a high-priced free agent. At the same time, he is averaging 9.5 sacks per year over the past three seasons, and Chicago would love to have that. 

Autry has a few key connections to the team. First, he was drafted by the Raiders when Travis Smith was an assistant on the staff. Smith is now the Bears defensive line coach. Autry signed with the Indianapolis Colts from there, meaning he joined Matt Eberflus. Autry went from a depth piece in Oakland to a legitimate starter under Eberflus. 

In 2022, Autry played with DeMarcus Walker on the Titans' defensive front. So, we know that Chicago watched him closely as they were scouting Walker. We also know that both Autry and Walker can slide inside and out, and they fit well together. Autry is also familiar with all of these names, which could entice him to sign. 

He fills a need, the stats are legitimate, and the money is right. When you add in the connections, the team should be eyeing Autry in free agency.

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