10 free agents the Chicago Bears will target in NFL Free Agency

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7. The Chicago Bears have a connection to Quandre Diggs 

The Chicago Bears are going to need to sign a free safety this offseason. One name who could be the perfect fit is Quandre Diggs. Diggs was drafted by the Lions in 2025 but was traded to the Seattle Seahawks, where his career blossomed. 

He made three Pro Bowls from 2020 through 2022 before getting released after the 2023 season. He is the same age as Eddie Jackson, but he has not missed a game in the past four seasons, so health is not a question. Even better, he is going to make significantly less than what Jackson was scheduled to be on the books for. 

He is a free safety, which helps him fit next to Jaquan Brisker, but he also can slide into the box and tackle better than Jackson, which is what Matt Eberflus needs. More than that, he has a relationship with Bears safeties coach Andre Curtis. 

Curtis was with Seattle until 2021 when he moved to Chicago. So, he was the passing game coordinator when the Seahawks traded for Diggs and when he made his first two Pro Bowls. Needless to say, Curtis may have positive things to say. Does he help bring in Diggs and get the Chicago Bears their starting free safety?