18 Players the Chicago Bears gave up on way too soon

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Chicago Bears, Todd Sauerbrun
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The Chicago Bears gave up way too soon on Todd Sauerbrun

Wait, what? How can a team give up too soon on a punter? Well, when it comes to Todd Sauerbrun, that's exactly what the Chicago Bears did. This especially holds true because the team drafted Sauerbrun in the second round. Yikes, I know! The sad thing is that Sauerbrun wasn't even bad when in Chicago.

Todd Sauerbrun's rookie year was not great. He only averaged 37.8 yards per punt that season. His ability to keep the ball within the 20 wasn't awful, but he didn't live up to a second-round pick. To be honest, a punter never could live up to that high of draft capital. Then, watching him only last five seasons wasn't ideal either.

After playing for Chicago, Todd Sauerbrun played one season with the Chiefs and then four with the Panthers. Those four years were arguably the best years of Sauerbrun's career. He led the league in yards per punt in two of those four years. For three of those four years, Sauerbrun made the Pro Bowl and was voted First-Team All-Pro in two seasons and Second-Team All-Pro in one. He finished his career playing two years with the Broncos and one with the Patriots.