18 Players the Chicago Bears gave up on way too soon

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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky
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The Chicago Bears gave up too soon on Mitch Trubisky

Before you stop reading this because I chose to include Mitch Trubisky, hear me out for a minute. I am not overly upset that Mitch Trubisky was not re-signed. Mainly because it led to the drafting of Justin Fields. I am higher on Trubisky than most. I think he's worthy of a starting spot in the NFL. He will never be a great quarterback though and teams aren't looking for average.

Then why is Trubisky even on this list? Well, the team gave up on him too soon in 2020. Trubisky started the season out strong. The team was 2-0 while Trubisky had thrown five touchdowns and two interceptions. Unfortunately, he struggled to play at the same level in the third game and Nick Foles took over. Foles led a crazy comeback vs Atlanta that week and was announced as the starter.

Foles started seven games that season. He went 2-5 on the year -- not great. Trubisky on the other hand went 6-3 over the remaining nine games. Some might say it was a blessing in disguise that the Bears stuck with Foles for as long as they did. Had Trubisky started enough games, the Bears might have won more games and snuck into the playoffs. Instead, they went 8-8 and Trubisky moved on to the Buffalo Bills during the next offseason. If wins were a quarterback stat (it's not), then Trubisky deserves more credit. He is 31-24 in his career and was 29-21 for the Chicago Bears.