2 free agent hits, 2 free agent misses for Chicago Bears in 2023

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1. The Chicago Bears are seeing TJ Edwards progress

It was always going to be hard to knock the signing of T.J. Edwards because it was such a valuable signing. A three-year deal making under $20M over the full term would have to be pretty bad to be a big regret. Early on, it was looking bad as Aaron Jones ripped a huge touchdown reception against him.

However, as the season continued, he fit into the defense more and more. It started with his ability as a pass rusher. He looks better than ever in this regard, and the Bears are using him more than he ever had been. From there, we started to see his run defense improve. He could always tackle, but it looked like he started to get his angles down.

Edwards has not been perfect in coverage, but his five most recent weeks are leaps and bounds better than the first five weeks he had with the Chicago Bears. Edwards is going to be signed for the next two years, and it is hard to see him not living up to all of the terms of that contract before it is over. 

He is not having quite the impact year that he did with the Philadelphia Eagles, but as he gets more comfortable and the defensive line helps him more, you are starting to see the best of T.J. Edwards.