2024 NFL Mock Draft of top 8 picks before Chicago Bears' second selection 

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2. Washington Commanders - Quarterback Jayden Daniels, LSU

There has been some resistance to the thought, but as time continues to move on, it is looking more likely that Jayden Daniels will be the number two overall pick. A lot of the national media is drawn to Drake Maye, and at this time last year, the debate was Maye against Jayden Daniels. 

However, we have seen this story before. It was Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields as one and two, and in came Zach Wilson, who had a strong year and ended up going second overall. The media was higher on Fields, but the NFL was higher on Wilson. This feels similar. 

Jayden Daniels is coming off of a Heisman year, and his rushing, along with his passing, is what makes his ceiling so high. With the Commanders hiring Kliff Kingsbury, the thought was that the team was high on Caleb Williams. 

Still, Kingsbury also coached Kyler Murray and has always wanted to build his offense around that type of running threat as a quarterback. The season that Daniels had, the fit with Kingsbury, and all of the buzz surrounding Daniels being viewed higher by the NFL than the media tells us that Daniels is going to be higher than expected.