2024 NFL Mock Draft of top 8 picks before Chicago Bears' second selection 

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3. New England Patriots - Quarterback JJ McCarthy, Michigan 

This is another media sensation. For J.J. McCarthy, it makes just as much sense as Jayden Daniels. Of course, for Daniels, he was the Heisman award winner and had the best stats coming into the draft. For J.J. McCarthy, the stats were not the draw as much as the wins. 

All that McCarthy does is win. People fall in love with the person. He has the size and the arm, and while accuracy can come and go, if he runs the offensive effectively and can make a couple of big plays with his tools, teams can win with him. They also think that they can win because of his charisma in the locker room.

Similar to Daniels, there are plenty of people in NFL circles saying that McCarthy will go higher than Drake Maye. The New England Patriots are starting over with a quarterback from Michigan, and this makes too much sense not to happen at this point.