2024 NFL Mock Draft of top 8 picks before Chicago Bears' second selection 

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6. New York Giants - Quarterback Drake Maye, UNC

It feels like every pick since number two has been centered around Drake Maye and when he will actually go. He could get taken second, third, fourth, or fifth, but it does feel like his floor is sixth. The New York Giants have Daniel Jones, but his contract is easier to get out of after next season.

They could add Maye, have him come in slow, and then take over for Jones, and when the salary of Jones is off of the books, the team has Maye ready to ascend in year two. The fit makes too much sense and the Giants are far too desperate to pass on a quarterback that even some may have questions abo. Maye is not going to fall past this spot. 

When you add in that there are three quarterback-needy teams in the top three, and the Giants will have teams looking to jump them with the two picks in front of them it is easy to assume four quarterbacks will be gone by this point. It may not even matter as much about getting the team player fit correctly in this exercise, as much as we have to acknowledge the top six picks will be four quarterbacks and two receivers, no matter what.