The 2024 Offseason is make or break for Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles

Quinn Harris/GettyImages

In March, Ryan Poles made one of the biggest trades in the 2023 NFL Draft, sending the Bears 1st overall draft pick to the Carolina Panthers. In return, they received star wideout DJ Moore and the Panthers 2024 1st-round pick. That pick currently is the top pick of the 2024 draft, with Poles now having the number one pick once again and another top ten pick. 

Chicago Bears GM must have a good draft

Despite posting a 10-24 record, Poles has seemingly decided to keep head coach Matt Eberflus for the 2024 season. This decision is likely due to defensive improvements late in the season, in addition to winning four of their last six games. The draft may be a key component to Chicago's future, but Poles has more than just the draft he needs to knock out of the park to bring Chicago success. 

Poles can draft top-notch quarterback prospect Caleb Williams and start fresh at the quarterback position. On the flip side, Poles may pull a similar move he did last offseason, utilizing his number one pick to upgrade the roster and help build around Justin Fields. But what he does in the draft may not even be what makes or breaks his career in Chicago. 

Poles is now down an offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator. Finding the right offensive coordinator may be trickier. Some coaching candidates may be thrilled to work with Justin Fields, while others may sit back and wait to see if the Bears draft a quarterback early in the likes of Williams or even Drake Maye. 

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The city of Chicago now has a microscope on what the Bears do this offseason. A head coaching change is likely not happening. But what Poles does in the draft and with the Bear's current coaching vacancies, will likely change the outcome of not only his career but the future of the Bears as a team.