3 Bears 2024 NFL Draft moves that would be a mistake

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Rome Odunze
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Do not be locked into the ninth pick

As mentioned above, the Bears only have four picks in this draft. For a team that needs help all across the roster, sticking with just four picks would be a mistake. Many mocks have the Bears sticking at nine and selecting Rome Odunze, the talented receiver out of Washington.

Don't get me wrong, Odunze is an elite talent and would immediately improve the Bears' offensive floor. However, there will very likely be a team desperate to trade up for a QB that would love to have the Bears' ninth pick. If the Bears get an offer that involves trading down in the first round and adding more capital, they have to consider it.

The fear here is that the Bears become locked into a certain player like Odunze at nine and don't evaluate all options. When a QB is involved, teams will pay a hefty price. For a team that needs young talent, gathering more assets is not a bad idea.