3 best scenarios for the Chicago Bears at pick nine 

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2. The Chicago Bears trade back and add a tackle or pass rusher 

The Chicago Bears could trade up, and if one of these top wideouts is within striking distance, they probably should. However, it may be better if the team ends up trading down from this slot. They currently have just four draft picks in this draft. Their ninth pick will obviously be the highest-value asset to return a serious draft return. 

With that in mind, the Bears should be focused on trading back. One of the best scenarios would be seeing them trade back and then focus on the lines. Sitting at pick nine, they may be able to take any tackle that is not named Joe Alt. They also may be staring down all three edge rushers; Jared Verse, Dallas Turner, and Laitu Latu. 

If that is the case, trading back is an excellent idea. They can get a few more picks this year, and there are three edge rushers, as well as about three offensive tackles, who could still be on the board when they pick as long as they do not fall too far back. 

The question here would be, who is on the board for the team to trade back? If one of the top receivers is there, they will get the best trade offer, but they may want to take that player. Would they trade out of Joe Alt? Or is there a team that clearly prefers one of these top-three edge rushers? Bears fans would love to see the top three receivers off of the board, but their phone is still ringing.