3 best scenarios for the Chicago Bears at pick nine 

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1. One of the best receivers falls to the Chicago Bears at pick nine overall 

The Bears may be inclined to trade up for one of the top receivers if they fall to number seven. However, a dream scenario is seeing any of Malik Nabers, Marvin Harrison, or Rome Odunze on the board when the team makes their pick at nine overall. 

There is a real chance this can happen, too. As we noted, there will be four quarterbacks going high, and with three receivers, they just need two players to go before one of these names and the Bears will be set.

Any defensive player that goes in the top eight picks is a dream scenario for the Bears. A tackle would help them immensely as well. Even if one of the top three receivers does not fall, it at least keeps a door open for Brock Bowers. Still, Bowers ended up going seventh overall; most Bears fans would not be disappointed. 

There is a real chance that the Bears can sit back at nine, they can take the best player available, and that player would have been someone with whom they were discussing a trade-up just a few hours prior. This is not only the best-case outcome for the Bears; it is a realistic outcome for them.