3 bold predictions for the 2024 Chicago Bears rookie class

After all of the mock drafts, breaking news and mass rumors, the 2024 NFL Draft is in the books. For the Chicago Bears, it may go down as one of the most historic in Bears history as shown below with my three boldest predictions for the incoming rookie class.
Chicago's newest stars, QB Caleb Williams and WR Rome Odunze, were given a hero's welcome on Friday.
Chicago's newest stars, QB Caleb Williams and WR Rome Odunze, were given a hero's welcome on Friday. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears may have wrapped up their 2024 NFL Draft when they selected Austin Booker to round out their rookie class, but for Bears fans worldwide, the ride simply hasn't stopped.

In fact, judging by this year's draft class, I'm not sure the ride will stop anytime soon for us long-suffering Bears fans.

The Bears' rookie class of 2024 has a chance to be the most historic and landscape-shifting class in franchise history thanks to the foresight and efforts of a man who could be considered Chicago royalty right now: General Manager Ryan Poles.

In less than three full years, Ryan Poles has placed his grizzly bear-sized stamp on this team in a manner so efficient and calculated that it feels as if he's been given the answers to the test. That includes this draft class, which invites as bold of predictions as I've ever made.

These are my three bold predictions for the Chicago Bears rookie class of 2024.

1. Tory Taylor will become a multiple time All-Pro.

I know I said I would be bold, but honestly, this doesn't feel like that bold of a take. I mean, have you seen this guy punt?

When Pat McAfee is singing your praises as someone who kicks a football for a living, you know that you have a special foot.

It is not a reach to suggest that Tory Taylor was the greatest weapon on the Iowa Hawkeyes football team last year as pinning teams inside the 10 became commonplace for Taylor. Over and over again, Taylor flipped field position for the offensively-challenged Hawkeyes, keeping them in games they had no business being in.

Before the Chicago Bears drafted Tory Taylor, I would've laughed if someone suggested watching a punter's highlight reel. After watching Taylor's highlights, I sit on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I cannot get enough of watching Taylor kick the football.

If Taylor is able to replicate the insane feats of hangtime and directional kicking that he pulled off in college, it won't be long before he is the gold standard by which all other punters are judged.

For those of you who were upset by a punter being drafted in the fourth round, I ask you to hold your criticism. I have a feeling that once you watch the Bears get stymied deep in their own territory only for Taylor to miraculously pin the opposing team deep in their own territory, you'll start singing a different tune.