3 bold predictions for the 2024 Chicago Bears rookie class

After all of the mock drafts, breaking news and mass rumors, the 2024 NFL Draft is in the books. For the Chicago Bears, it may go down as one of the most historic in Bears history as shown below with my three boldest predictions for the incoming rookie class.
Chicago's newest stars, QB Caleb Williams and WR Rome Odunze, were given a hero's welcome on Friday.
Chicago's newest stars, QB Caleb Williams and WR Rome Odunze, were given a hero's welcome on Friday. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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2. Austin Booker will notch double-digit sacks by his third year.

After the 2023 NFL Draft, I predicted that the various choices made by the Chicago Bears on the defensive side of the ball would result in the Bears having a Top 5 unit within three years.

What seemed like a bold proclamation at the time turned out to be gospel mid-season as Ryan Poles attached a rocket to the defense when he traded for ex-Commanders defensive end Montez Sweat.

The defensive focus this offseason was on finding Sweat a suitable partner-in-crime on the other end. For a short time during the draft, it seemed as if Poles would have to patch that position elsewhere, but as we should know by now, we should never underestimate Ryan Poles.

With Austin Booker falling further than expected, Ryan Poles saw his opportunity and struck, sending a 2025 fourth-round pick to move into the fifth round and select the promising young EDGE out of Kansas.

This was yet another Poles masterstroke. Booker was third in the Big 12 with 8 sacks last season despite only playing a mere 505 snaps during his time as a Jayhawk. In fact, his limited amount of tape may be precisely why he was able to be acquired.

With his length, youth, explosion, and production, Austin Booker looked like a threat to be drafted in the first or second round in 2025 if he waited to declare for the draft according to NFL Insider Daniel Jeremiah. Teams simply would've preferred to see him run back that level of production.

Luckily, Booker will have some of the best mentorship he could ask for off the bat in Montez Sweat and he will have all the opportunity in the world to get on the field right away. Booker likely couldn't have asked for a better situation for himself.

With the level of talent around him and the quality of the coaches at the helm defensively, I believe the Chicago Bears are going to get the most out of Austin Booker. I believe he will be a full-time starter by his second season. By his third, he'll be notching over ten sacks.

Book it - pun intended.