3 Chicago Bears with the most on the line in the final three games 

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2. Darnell Mooney has to play better for the Chicago Bears 

This is turning into a worst-case-scenario season for Darnell Mooney. His yards per route run for his career is 1.37, and it was 1.58 last year. His career-low entering the season was 1.2, and his career-high was 1.78. This year, he is averaging 0.94 yards per route run. 

He had another poor game against the Browns that was capped off by the failed Hail Mary attempt. Mooney had a small stretch with Tyson Bagent, and it looked like he was starting to play better. He had four games where he averaged 51 yards per game. Aside from that, he is averaging 20.6 yards per game. It simply is not working for him and the Chicago Bears. 

This is just awful timing. The Bears need him because they have no other receiver help. Tyler Scott is just a rookie, Equanimeous St. Brown is gone, and Chase Claypool was traded. This has hurt their ability to see what they have in Justin Fields. Worse than that for him is knowing that he is a free agent this year. 

Mooney will be coming off of an injury and the worst year of his career. That is pretty bad timing. Mooney has three games to turn this around and give himself some sort of contract leverage for the offseason.