3 Chicago Bears with the most on the line in the final three games 

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1. The Chicago Bears may lose Justin Jones this offseason 

This will be an important stretch for Justin Jones. Jones signed a two-year deal with the Chicago Bears, and that will be up after this season. Considering the Bears drafted both Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens, they would like to move on from Jones and give them more snaps. Still, that has not happened yet in the rookie season for these two. 

Jones has a 6% pass rush win rate this year. That is slightly up from 5.6% last year. Still, that is just about the player that he is. He is good and serviceable, but you would like to have better for your starting front. The Bears found Andrew Billings and will give Justin Jones three more games to prove that he is that guy. 

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While Jones may not show that, he has a lot to show. He will be due a contract, and the Bears paid him favorably during the last time because they had just swung and missed on Larry Ogunjobi. It will be a real question of whether or not Jones can get the same deal that he got last time around at this point. He has time to show what he can do, but we have to see it over the next few weeks.