3 Chicago Bears who need to step up after the bye week

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Yannick Ngakoue
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Yannick Ngakoue

Ngakoue has not been the elite pass rusher the Bears thought they were getting this offseason. The veteran has just three sacks in 12 games, which puts him on his pace for the lowest total of his career. Ngakoue has never finished with fewer than eight sacks in a season, so 2023 could set a new career-low.

The Bears are dead-last in the NFL in sacks per game, averaging just 1.4 per game. The pass rush was a major problem in 2022 as well, but the addition of Ngakoue has not been the band-aid we all thought it would be. Montez Sweat has come along nicely in Chicago, now it's up to Ngakoue to generate more pressure from the opposite side. The veteran should have plenty of chances to add to his total, as the Bears face several subpar lines to end the season.