3 Chicago Bears who did not live up to expectations in 2023 season

Here's who may have played their last snaps in a Bears uniform already.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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The Bears' 2023 season was one of their weirder ones in recent memory: they came into the year on a historically-long losing streak, and things around Chicago were as bleak as they were around any team in the NFL. Then, towards the middle of the season, some things clearly got figured out, and they ended up winnning five of their last seven. Given what the expectations were for this team heading into '23, the fact that they were still hanging around at the bottom of 'In The Hunt' graphics after Thanksgiving is impressive on its own. Still, there were more than a couple core members of this roster who didn't meet expectations this year and put their future with the team in jeopardy. Here are three of them.