3 Chicago Bears who did not live up to expectations in 2023 season

Here's who may have played their last snaps in a Bears uniform already.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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2. QB Justin Fields (sorry)

Speaking of returns that are starting to feel unlikely, this one figures to sting a lot more than Mooney. For Fields, it's important to point out that any perceived failure to live up to expectations probably has as much to do – if not more – with what type of expectations Bears fans are putting on Fields, vs what was realistic. But it was the all-important 3rd season for Fields, and there wasn't a whole ton of progress made. His passing yardage, completion percentage, and touchdowns all stayed close to where they were in 2022, and while he did cut back in interceptions (only by 1), there just wasn't a big enough leap for Bears' GM Ryan Poles to justify passing on one of the QBs in this year's draft when the Bears make the first overall pick. Fields definitely has what it takes to stick around the NFL, but considering how he failed to live up to the expectations of a franchise QB in Chicago this season, the rest of his career seems destined to happen elsewhere.