3 controversial moves Ryan Poles could make to improve the Chicago Bears roster

The Chicago Bears roster might be close to being complete, we shouldn't rule out that Ryan Poles could still look to make some tweaks. Here are three surprise moves he could still make to improve the roster.
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Chicago Bears, Linval Joseph
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The Chicago Bears could add Linval Joseph

When we look at the defensive roster of the Chicago Bears, the biggest area of concern is the defensive line. They have an elite defensive end in Montez Sweat. They have an up-and-comer in Gervon Dexter. They drafted a prospect this year in Austin Booker who has great upside as a sack specialist. Andrew Billings came in on a one-year deal and earned himself a multi-year extension. Even with all those positives, the defensive line needs help. It needs depth. Linval Joseph can give them that depth.

Many fans are going to find this move controversial because Joseph is going to be 36 years old this season. He plays a position that doesn't need as much of an upgrade as the 3-technique. Even so, he is familiar with new defensive coordinator Eric Washington. Joseph signed with the Bills last year on a one-year deal worth up to $3.7 million due to incentives. He played in seven games, recorded one sack, and finished with 12 combined tackles.

Joseph could be the cheap veteran that Poles signs to help this team come together. He has had a very successful career that includes two Pro Bowl appearances, and six playoff appearances including a Super Bowl victory over the Patriots in 2011. He'd make the perfect addition to this team.